Critical Care

The critical care department @ Revathi medical center provides a full spectrum of medical, surgery and trauma critical care services to patients with the help of modern equipment and highly qualified and experienced specialists. The ICU provides acute care for those patients who are generally unstable, critically ill and those in urgent need of advanced monitoring and intensive ventilator management. A multidisciplinary team with unwavering commitment and teamwork take care of operations of the critical care unit. Consultants and residents trained in the care of critically ill patients manage the ICU round the clock, with the help of specially trained qualified nursing staff. Critically ill patients in all the ICU's are looked after by this team.


  • Each ICU bed is equipped with the most advanced monitoring systems, ventilators and oxygen delivery systems, dialysis units, temporary pacemakers
  • Icu Isolation room for treating patients requiring isolation like burns, TB etc
  • Separate cardiothoracic icu for cardiac surgery patients
  • Dedicated Coronary care unit for all cardiac patients
  • Standard infection control practices as prescribed by WHO
  • Fully computerized laboratory & radiological systems, so that investigations & imaging can be viewed online in ICU
  • Members of the Critical Care team closely communicate with the primary consultants and provide appropriate care.
  • professionally trained nursing staff, that looks into the psychological and emotional requirements of the patient.
  • Supportive services like physiotherapy, dietician, biomedical engineering, counseling services available round the clock to make sure all the aspects of the patients health care covered
  • Separate icu waiting hall for protecting privacy of the patients relatives Separate counseling room for counseling patient’s relatives to maintain integrity and confidentiality of patient’s reports