An Anesthesiologist plays the most crucial role during any surgical procedure and helps the patient to eradicate the pain and hold the life of a patient in his hands. The Department of Anesthesiology extends its advanced clinical services to all surgical specialties. The Department also provides comprehensive services for patients of acute and chronic pain. Our multi-disciplinary teams of anesthesiologists, fellows, nurses and technicians have years of experience and are committed to deliver the highest quality and safest care to our patients. Our sole objective is to make the surgical procedure easy for both the surgeon and the patient by providing assured pain management in the best possible manner without compromising on patient’s safety and satisfaction. Anesthesiology is a full-service department that is available to respond to any surgical procedure, pain management, respiratory, cardiac arrest and obstetric coverage. Our primary goal is to provide the highest degree of care with primary emphasis on the patient’s safety and satisfaction. Our anesthetic techniques cover the entire range of procedures to improve outcomes. Our timely and efficient care is engineered in ways to focus on the individual needs of the patient.