How to maintain mechanical replica watches regularly without spending money

Tudor mechanical watches, like most brands of mechanical watches, also require regular maintenance at the watch repair shop. If the wearer can maintain it properly, the interval between watch repairs and maintenance in the shop can be greatly extended. For a fee, let’s take a look at the editor of Nanjing Tudor watch repair point, how to maintain mechanical watches without spending money: Nowadays, most mechanical watches are self-winding, so they should be worn every day to maintain the power required for watch operation. Remember to wear them during holidays, otherwise the watch may stop due to lack of power. If you want to readjust the time of a watch that has been stopped for a long time, you must pay special attention to the operation method to avoid gear locks. When the watch that has been parked for a long time needs to be worn again, remember to wind up first, and then adjust the time, so as not to have enough power to drive the hands after the time is adjusted.

The mechanical replica watches may be contaminated with dust due to long-term wear. If it is not taken out in time, it will easily affect the appearance of the watch, and even corrode the case and strap after accumulating acid-alkaline dirt. Therefore, you can regularly wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with some clean water. , The dirty place can be wiped with some neutral detergent, and then wiped with clean water, and finally wiped with a dry soft cloth, and dried naturally in the shade, do not easily take it to the store to use ultrasonic cleaning.

There are some Tudor watches with better waterproof performance. Many people may wear such watches for swimming. However, some components in sea water and swimming pools are very easy to cause the aging of the watch, and will also accelerate the aging of the watch’s waterproof rubber ring, so they are engaged in water sports After that, remember to clean and wipe it well. Generally, it is not recommended to wear a watch for swimming unless necessary.

Watches that are not worn for a long time need to be placed in a dry and stable place, and pay attention to the maintenance period. Since the lubricating oil inside the mechanical replcia Rolex movement will gradually evaporate and dry up, no matter whether you wear the watch or not, you must go to the store to clean and oil at least once every two or three years. The usual maintenance can be extended to three or four years and then go to the store to clean and oil again. Otherwise, when the lubricating oil dries up, continue to force the watch to run, not only will the accuracy of the time be reduced, but also the wear between the gear parts will increase. At that time, it will not be a simple maintenance fee, but a large amount of money Repair costs.