Do you know the shock resistance of the replica watch

The structure of the watch movement is very sophisticated and fragile. For example, the most delicate part is the tip of the balance wheel. Its thickness is equivalent to that of a human hair, and the mass of the entire balance wheel is relatively large. If you do not take corresponding protective measures, Once the replica watch receives a relatively strong impact and vibration from the outside, it may cause the balance wheel tip shaft to be skewed or broken.

At the same time, after the replica watches is subjected to strong vibration, it is very likely to cause the balance spring in the movement to be disordered. If it is a quartz watch, it may also cause the battery to fall off and stop. However, the problem of quartz replica watch is better solved. Add a battery Just press the tablet, and the mechanical watch must be equipped with a serious shock absorber.

Nowadays mechanical watches are basically equipped with shock absorbers. The principle is to rely on the cooperation of the shock absorber endstone, the shock absorber seat and the shockproof spring to absorb the strong impact and shock buffer of the watch. Although it cannot be 100% shockproof, But it can also offset a considerable part of the external impact and minimize the damage to the watch caused by the external impact.

Generally, imported watches with shockproof function will be printed with INCABLOC, SHOCKPROOF, DIASHOCK, PARASHOCK, ANTI-SHOCK, etc. on the dial or back cover of the replica watches uk, while domestic watches are directly marked with "shockproof". A slightly more experienced friend can judge whether the watch is shockproof or open the back cover of the watch to observe. If the pendulum drill on the pendulum plate is framed by a reed (shockproof spring), it is a shockproof watch. The outside of the endstone is a round steel sheet, relying on two small screws to tightly surround the disc on the pendulum plate, it is not a shockproof watch.

Although the shock-proof replica watch has a certain shock-proof function, it is also limited. Exceeding a certain degree of violent vibration will also cause damage to the watch movement. Therefore, it is still necessary to avoid subjecting the watch to violent vibration. During exercise, it is best Take off the watch or wear a professional sports watch.