Vacheron Constantin hosts a "DIPTYQUES" Collaborative History Review Exhibition in Geneva January 14, 2019 - March 26, 2019 replica watches uk

Geneva, January 2019] - From January 14th to March 26th, 2019, Vacheron Constantin held a retrospective of historical cooperation called "DIPTYQUES" at the brand Geneva store, which will then be held. Exhibited on a global tour. Vacheron Constantin has selected 17 timepieces from the brand's private collections to pay tribute to the collaboration in the history of the brand.replica watches uk The brand traces back to the technological and artistic breakthroughs that have been achieved through outstanding collaboration, as well as the timepieces and instrumentation that have been born, and it is these achievements that have written a fascinating chapter in the history of fine watchmaking.

The DIPTYQUES Collaborative History Retrospective focuses on the individual style of the brand, the unique vision of maturity and the modern craftsmanship. In 1819, the talented watchmaker and the founder of the brand, Jacques -Barthélémy Vacheron reached a consensus with François Constantin, a smart and passionate traveler. In 2019, the 200th anniversary of the collaboration between the two, they together built the iconic character of Vacheron Constantin, showing the combination of superb watchmaking skills and extraordinary artistic style. The subtle balance has also established the brand motto of “Do better if possible, and that is always possible.” The “DIPTYQUES” cooperation history retrospective shows how these cooperations are fully demonstrated. Laid the cornerstone for the major achievements of the brand.

Driven by the spirit of challenge and enthusiasm, from the Swiss astronomer Emile Plantamour to the watchmaker Albert Pellaton, from the French artist Raymond Morley ( Raymond Moretti) To the writer Michel Butor, expertise and craftsmanship have been at the heart of the brand's watchmaking history.fake rolex For those large-scale watchmaking projects, people are both architects and artists. They have whimsy and vision, and show the extraordinary skills that extend from it. In 1893, the genius mechanic Georges-Auguste Leschot became Vacheron Constantin's mechanical and structural design expert, and he developed a revolutionary proportional plotter that realized the movement of the timepiece. Standardized production and industrial manufacturing of parts. In 1932, the watch genius Louis Cottier developed a device that can display the time in different world time zones by rotating the dial. In 1880, the well-known jeweler Ferdinand Verger used his own watchmaking skills to create a Fabergé egg for the Tsar with the Vacheron Constantin movement. His sons also showed extraordinary talents in watchmaking. In the 1930s, they created a number of timepieces with advanced complex functions and a variety of beautifully decorated clocks. In 2010, Anita Porchet, the master of the micro-painting master, was invited by the brand to create a masterpiece of the world, recreating the Paris Opera dome painted by Marc CHAGALL on the dial of the watch. pattern.

Vacheron Constantin presented many collaborations through this exhibition. Under the efforts of master watchmakers and craft masters, the creation of each timepiece is a challenge, a feat and a dream of success.replica watches Every timepiece is a great cause of the brand as a fine watchmaking. A force of contribution. Vacheron Constantin has therefore not only become a pioneer in the industry, but also a creator of continuous improvement.